Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Limited Edition Blog

11.26.2009—Thanksgiving Limited Edition Blog

Aside from a few hangovers here and there, today is the most I have longed for home since I have been in Moldova.  Over the last few days I have been reading the news headlines about how people and turkeys have both been gaining weight over the last 5 decades, about how the Thanksgiving day parade has changed routes defying history, and of course about the black Friday deals speculation.  These sorts of things I have not and will not miss in my time here.  Although talking to the family for a little while earlier has made me realize the things that I do miss:

1)      I miss beating my brother at ping pong during holidays. (and usually picking a fight with him at some point in the night)
2)      I miss flipping my sister crap about anything in general. (I also miss her motivation for fun during the holidays)
3)      I miss that oh so good feeling of overdosing on tryptophan and falling asleep on the couch. (yes, I know that tryptophan isn’t the reason why I fall asleep after the Thanksgiving meal—it is the fact that I eat and drink like it is the last morsel and last drop of wine/beer I will ever consume)
4)      I miss getting to steal my nephew’s bed for the holidays.  (Maybe because my bed was always one of the first to go when relatives came to our house when I was young)
5)      I miss the slight shade of red and the shit-eating grin that mysteriously appear on my father’s face when he has downed a beer or two.  (He is kind of a lightweight)
6)      I miss my mother’s constant threats about how she is going to break out the wooden spoon if I don’t quit what I am doing.  (She usually gets it out but they are hollow threats in the end—she is all talk)
7)      I miss getting my 3 nephews and niece all riled up just before bed.  Making it hell for my brother and sister.
8)      I miss being the sibling without kids at the holiday, because I get to rub it in a little. J
9)      I miss how hard it is steer the Eisenbarths anywhere.  (I was once told that we are like trying to herd cats)
10)   I miss friends that are essentially family members (and all of their flaws)

Happy Thanksgiving folks




  1. This brought a tear to my eye. I always was a softy.

  2. Hi Aaron,
    I am an American living in Barlad, Romania, just over the border. I have been to Moldova twice for visits, last just a month ago for the wine festival. I promise, you will come to love it here and make friendships that will become like family. I met Liz there, another Peace Corps volunteer..tell her hello from the American she met at the autogara with John, in Chisinau. I am here just on my own because of people I love here like family. Treat yourself with learning to cook, eat and enjoy local cuisine. It's amazing!

  3. "like trying to herd cats"


  4. Aaron:

    Happy Thankgiving.

    It looks like you're now settled in. I'm just checking back to see if we can help you with a small water or sanitation project.



    Appropriate Projects

    Water Charity

  5. Who said we were like herding cats? "I think I know"...We missed you very much at Thanksgiving too. I could have used some help with the cooking and clean up:) We will have the best Thanksgiving ever when you are back and can celebrate with us. We miss you..........Love, Mom & Dad
    PS We mailed your package on 11/27.....

  6. Yoy didnt beat me everytime! I will say about 75%. I even bought a table, so maybe I will teach you how to play another time. Hopefully that wont be to far in the future. See ya later. And mom, I helped clear the table?

  7. Yes you did and Sabrina helped with the dishes and dad has been helping eat up the leftovers....all is good.....mama