Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May 5, 2010—A Successful Weekend

May 5, 2010—A Successful Weekend

This last weekend I had quite a bit to do:  I had a Small Project Assistance (known as the SPA) presentation to give, as well as a meeting with a couple from the states that live in Chisinau and fund small projects.  Both meetings and presentations couldn’t have gone any better really.  For the SPA presentation I was just told today that I had won funding for my agribusiness project, which consists of setting up a demonstration plot in the south of Moldova displaying a few modern techniques used in agriculture.  Hopefully we can spread the application of these sorts of greenhouse projects, because the profits that are associated with them really do make a huge difference in the monthly paycheck for farmers around here. 

The other project that I had a meeting for was for a small grant for a refrigerator, computer, stovetop and kitchen supplies in one of the kindergartens/ preschools in my village.  I came with 2 projects at two different kindergartens but I am happy to see at least one of them get closer to being funded.   I will have to find another way to do the other one… all is due time I suppose.

Forgive the short blog today but I have to get ready for tomorrow, I am off to the Carpathian Mountains in Romania to get some fresh air.

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