Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas from Moldova

Hello All,

This will be will a shorty... I am just about to head out on my vacation in Egypt, Israel and Jordan.  The benefits of not seeing the family for the holidays.   My camera didn't make it in time, but I will steal my fellow volunteers cameras from time to time to take in the surroundings for you all back home. 

It is probably going to be a little while until I post again.  Although I am pretty positive you all can take it, because I think I have done it to you a few times before... Anyhow i hope all is well.

Peace out,

P.S.  Merry Christmas



  1. Merry Christmas!! Happy Birthday!! And Happy New Year, Aaron!!! I know your family missed you tremendously this year but are so very proud of you too!! We all are....Enjoy your trip and we look forward to your blog when you return.... Love you, Aunt Alice and Uncle Lou

  2. We're sorry the camera didn't make it in time. Hope you are having a memorable time. We look forward to hearing about your adventure. Happy Birthday!!! Love, Mom & Dad