Thursday, October 7, 2010

October 7th, 2010--Hospice Care in Moldova and you...

Howdy folks,

It is time I finally let you in on a project that I am doing here in the Peace Corps.

One of the organizations that I have been working with here is named Angelus Taraclia. It is a local hospice care center that works as a non-profit here in my town of Taraclia.  I believe it is either the 4th or 5th organization of its kind in all of Moldova.  This particular center specializes in care for terminal cancer patients who are approaching the end of their time here.

Our focus as an organization is not only to care for patients but also to spread awareness of the service throughout Moldova.  Moldova, in general, has an interesting mentality when it comes to end-of-life care.  Hospice care is relatively new in Moldova and the current medical insurance industry doesn’t cover its cost.  This situation often leads people to hide their illnesses in order to save money for their families which they believe would be wasted on their remaining days in this world.  As you can guess, the result is the sick and elderly of Moldova not receiving medical care that significantly reduces the pain and heartbreak that accompanies death. 

Hospice care gives people and their families the opportunity to be with loved ones at the times they are needed most.  As many of you know being with an ailing parent, sibling or friend at the end of their lives can give closure to relationships that are important to us.

This organization has been around for one year and has reached the end of its funding through the Soros foundation.  At this time, I am raising money for the continuation of the services provided.  I feel like the work done so far has made a significant impact on the lives it has touched and it would be a disservice to the people of Taraclia to stop the effects of a great organization.  My goal is to raise $3,300 in order for Angelus Taraclia to remain open for another 6 months.  This will give us much needed time to develop a strategic plan for the coming years, organize awareness campaigns and help the organization raise the total percentage of community contributions by a significant amount.  Over the duration of the 6 months we will continue to raise local funds and seek out funding through other means.

The money you donate will be going to a very good cause and will give the organization the needed time to develop its autonomy in these rough economic times.

Please follow the link below and donate at:

You can donate very easily by entering the amount you wish to donate on the lower right-hand side of the website.

Thank you much and please check back here often as I intend to update you on the continual progress of the organization.



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