Sunday, August 23, 2009

Big Boy...

August 23, 2009--Big Boy...

Currently, I am eating a common snack in this household called popcorn, contrary to what you might be thinking it is not popcorn. The closest thing I can compare it to is Kix cereal, you know like “Kix are for kids” cereal. They taste exactly the same and look exactly like puff-sized Cheetos lacking the orange faux-cheese dust. I am pretty sure I don’t like the taste of them, although they are nostalgic of a big chunk of land I recently left.

I felt like a big kid today, I hand washed all of my laundry by myself. That’s right, no washing machine just me, some clothes, a bathroom, and brute patience—yes, the old fashioned way. It really isn’t too bad, albeit I felt a little funny shirtless with my bandolier of clothespins hanging up all my seemingly gigantic pairs of underwear. I think my babooshka (host grandma) was proud. She calls me “big boy” in Russian every time I do something well. Just another merit badge on my PC honor sash I suppose—you should be proud J.

I feel like I need to further reduce the clothing regiment I have allotted myself. I wouldn’t want to do more laundry than I did today especially during the dead of winter. I have a set of socks each having an individual day of the week written on them. I’m starting to wish they had a particular month written on each pair. That way I wouldn’t have to feel bad about wearing a pair for an entire month.

Today has been fairly uneventful other than the highlight of laundry. Some PC friends and I have possibly settled on a destination for the great series of holidays at the end of the year: Jesus’ B-day, my B-day and they advent of the New Year. We are thinking Egypt and Israel, today has been spent doing some market research on that possibility. It may or may not happen. I’ll keep you informed on that.

Here is a random picture of my weird cat:

The internet is being dumb... so you only this picture of my cat for now. I wish you all the best.




  1. Hey "big boy" I would like a picture of you washing your clothes by hand. I'm afraid I am too spoiled..I would miss the washing machine and dryer too much. I remember my mom using an old wringer washer and hanging everything up to dry. Then she would have to iron most everything too. I think it was a 2 day job just getting the laundry done. What is your cat's name? Love & Miss you.....Mama

  2. I love it... 'big boy' - with your 'big boy panties' hanging on the line :) I am in favor of your birthday trip extraveganza... spent two weeks in Egypt/Israel during the holidays 10 years ago (ya - I'm old!) and it definitely was very historic, but also beautiful sunny weather and lots of water to hang out on. Would not recommend christmas eve in bethlehem though - utter chaos. Take care, be safe, love you!