Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August 4, 2009 – I’m a Father

August 4, 2009 – I’m a Father.

Шутка (joke)

No, actually I just finally have some pictures of my family. We recently went to a beautiful lake just minutes outside of Ialoveni. The kid in the picture is my host nephew David, a good kid. We went to a nice little restaurant on the water. It was still under construction in a lot of ways, but in a few years it will be a very cool establishment. Complete with an outdoor gravel dance floor. I’m definitely going to make it back there before I leave.

So as far as things go around here, I feel like I have been in a constant state of crazy-busy anticipation for what lies ahead of me. It is a good thing although we are all simply getting tired. In the next three days I need to pack up all of my things for the move, act in a small play, give a 15-minute presentation in Russian on composting, study for and take my Russian placement interview, write a letter to the country director, and apparently take a couple small tests on safety and health. This all for some reason culminates this last weekend. Oh well, it’s fun.

Here is the rest of my family:

From the Left there is Tanya (Host Aunt), Tanyeshna (Host Cousin), Svetlana (Host sister-in-law), Irena (host sister), David (Host nephew) and Sergio (host brother). All sweet as hell.

So after PST is over I promise to start posting more. I’m finding it very hard to write on the blog with the limited free-time. Until next time, I hope all is well.



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  1. Thanks for putting the pictures in. It is nice to see the people that have replaced us for the time being. We are still enjoying your blog but we have one suggestion. Can you either change the background or the print color? The black on dark gray is really hard to see to read. We thought it was just our "old" eyes but Eric said he has a hard time seeing it to........Love & Miss you....Mama