Friday, July 31, 2009

July 31, 2009 - Coffee and a little ADD

July 31, 2009 - Coffee and a little ADD

I have realized how bad coffee must be for me since I have been here in Moldova. I believe I was overdosing on americanos and coffee while in the states. I couldn’t help it Washington is renowned for coffee and I choose to work desk-jobs. Desk-job translates to “I am going to fall asleep in this meeting if I don’t start an addiction to caffeine.” During the first three weeks here I was having ridiculous headaches. I realized at some point that I didn’t have my coffee anymore, I had been drinking tea only. The headaches finally went away and ever since I have been fine. The last two days I ran out of tea, so I decided a cup of coffee each day would be fine. Today, major headache with no coffee. What the hell. I’m done.

I know that was important but I must move on. So I’m not really sure what other volunteers experienced but election day felt pretty much like any other day, except I got to sleep in for once. We were told to avoid all the areas where lots of people would be and to keep a low profile. So basically, it was the first day I didn’t skip through the streets waving all of my electronics around like I was mad. Well I don’t actually do that, but I am definitely an obvious American here—backpack or maybe the sideburns give it away every time. I wonder if my next village is ready for my rockstar lifestyle of sideburns and backpacks—probably not.

So I am going to be completely ADD today and change the subject again. If you must, drinking can be incredibly cheap here. I remember the good ol’ days in Romania when you could get a nice large beer for about 75 cents, Moldova has one-up’d that deal: with one dollar you can fill up your liter water bottle at the local winery full of red or white wine both of which being quite tasty. A liter of wine and an Aerobie frisbee pass the time rather well here. I have posted a couple pictures of friends at the local stadium doing exactly this. I’m still getting used to the concept of playing any sport in sandals. Soon I will be advanced enough to jog in sandals, which I saw a bunch at the stadium in my new village.

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  1. Hi Aaron.....sorry I haven't written on your blog for awhile. Dad and I enjoy it and always look forward to the next posting. Besides you, who are the people in the pictures you post? We plan to have a package in the mail to you on Tuesday. Hope it makes it to you in record time. Love & Miss you...Mom & Dad