Monday, June 8, 2009

As Promised...

I said I would start writing on this thing when I got to DC and that is exactly what I am doing, except that since the last post I realized I had to go to Philly instead of DC. So as I type I am looking at what I'm assuming is some sort of coal or oil plant (big stack with fire spouting out the top) and U of PENN--kind of a funny contrast. I haven't had too many interactions with people, except of course for the people sleeping next to me on the plane and the taxicab driver who was half-yelling at someone on the phone the entire 20-minute car ride to the hotel.

I have nothing to do but go try to meet people for tonight, but tomorrow I have orientation most of the day. The following day I get to ride a bus to JFK airport and fly to Ishtanbul and then to Moldova. I'm assuming I may be a little grumpy at the end of that trip.

Well I'm off to explore some of Philly and talk to some Peace Corps folk hopefully they will be a little more talkative.

Cheers everyone,


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