Sunday, June 28, 2009

So, I rocked out to some Moldovan jazz last night.

The usual Saturday night consists of rounding up the seven Russian Peace Corps volunteers and getting as much of their families to come out and socialize with us as possible. We usually take up a number of seats at the local "ьар" which may be pronounced just like the English word bar although I assure you it is not the same thing.

Needless to say it was a very fun night at the end of the night we were accosted by a group of 20-somethings musicians, the leader of which jokingly claimed to be the best guitarist in all of Ialoveni, the small town I reside in, I believed him. They took our group back to the Ialoveni cultural center, unlocked the side door and proceeded through the narrow halls to their music loft. The saxophone player and the bass guitarist/pianist turned out to be brothers and as soon as they started playing music their groggy-looking father came out of nowhere and took his seat at the drum set. Apparently they live at the cultural center--a pretty cool place to live I must say. They played us an ensemble of what I would only know to describe as Moldovan jazz. Being quite late in the evening we watched them for an hour and decided to call it a night.

I feel like we were pretty lucky with the experience, a lot of other volunteers we had talked to were going to masas (big feasts usually for birthday parties) or to high school graduation parties. A night with Moldovan jazz sufficed as a perfect alternative to those.

Oh yeah and a side note for Mclean and Lara Johnson—You two would be right at home here, everyone loves Nickelback…WTF!


  1. Hey not all Nickelback is bad... "Curb" and "The State" are both great albums! Mention those albums to some of your Moldovian bretheren and they'll become your new best friends! So how much is a Moldovian McDonald's beer anyway? We paid about $14 a beer in Norway...

  2. Your writing makes it like you are right in front of me telling stories - sarcastic as you have always been. Glad to hear you are safe and adapting!! Miss you!

  3. Loving the updates! You should have hung out at the Wild Salmon Center more and talked about fish in Russian. Keep up the great posts! Take care