Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bluetooth Technology--Good for the World?

I feel as though this blog could be purely devoted to the process of learning Russian but I will spare you that for the day, although the subject of today will be related to my ignorance of the languages that surround me. So, I was walking home from school in my usual fashion for learning Russian. My style is to say "hi" or "good afternoon" to everyone I see in a heavily-accented Russian dialect. It is a gamble because usually 15 of those 20 do not acknowledge you in any way, 4 will give you a confused look in return and maybe 1 will give a mutual greeting. Yesterday I was returning from school getting shutdown like normal by passerby's when I said "good evening" to a gentleman that I saw sitting on the steet--a member of the imfamous 15. I thought nothing of it and continued my trek home. Shortly after passing him he began yelling very loudly. I, being the Senior Russian Intrepreter in my village had no idea what he was talking about. I decided that the best approach was flight. You may think that that means running like a fool, contrary to what you might think I didn't run, although my fists were definitely clenched and I picked my pace up to a brisk power-walk speed. You would think that my power walk, being a sizable dude, would be enough to create some distance, but this man walked like a gazelle. I felt his presence getting closer and closer until it was only audbile in my left ear. The gentleman passed inches from me. I glanced upward only to notice a small piece of plastic glowing bright blue and dangling from his right ear. My fists immediately unclenched and I was brought back to those moments in America standing in-line to purchase something when a fellow customer behind you says "hello" and you respond with a "hello" and you continue this topical conversation until that utterly pathetic moment when you realize you are definitely not a leading role this conversation. You are actually an audience member that decided that they knew some of the lines. You turn toward the sales associate, purchase your item and leave the store in utter despair.

It hurts but atleast you grew an extra layer of skin, right? That is what everyday is like here.

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