Monday, June 22, 2009

"Crazy Cat Lady"

Hello world,

The first thing I would like to say is that I apologize for not posting over the last week, I type my blogs in a Word document and then walk around like a crazy american trying to find a signal so the blog will post. Second point, I have discovered that the “crazy cat lady” transcends borders, ethnicities and nationalities. She is not the American cultural icon I once assumed. I took a tour of Chisinau today and decided to rest my feet and have a beer at McDonalds (Don’t judge, it was just a beer and it was a Chisinau blonde which I’m pretty sure is still supporting local). McDonalds just happens to be a prime people-watching real estate for downtown Chisinau afternoons. For a considerable amount of time I found myself enthralled by a woman slanging cats out of a basket. While holding a basket of cats in one hand she presented another lucky feline on what appeared to be a trash can lid platter to passersby’s just as a server would try to sell a dessert after a fancy dinner. It struck me as odd but then I realized I have seen this lady before—we all have. We have either seen her in a movie or in real life. She is the slightly aged and unkempt woman that has big puffy hair and an anti-twinkle in her left eye that confirms that she is not in fact Santa Claus. One could assume she is going or went through a midlife crisis. During which she decided that giving away the litter of new born kittens was a bad idea. A few years time and the woman becomes crazy cat lady, proud owner of 113 cats.

As cool as a picture would be I broke my camera the other day. I intend to get it fixed sooner rather than later. In the meantime you can enjoy this video of traditional song and dance in Moldova. Apparently Moldova kicked butt at the last Eurovision contest. The PC put on a much needed bbq and we got to watch a whole bunch of traditional song and dance. I danced too hard and broke the camera.



  1. So if Moldova has the crazy cat lady, does it also have Comicbook Guy, Duffman and a version of Mexican a in a Bee Costume? Please, photos of them!! I hope you get your camera fixed soon. Glad to hear that things are going well so far.

  2. oh yeah, we all know a crazy cat lady!!!

  3. According to my husband, I'm headed toward being a "crazy cat lady" - so be nice!!