Saturday, July 11, 2009

Brief Reflection

If you have been sitting at your desk for the last few days thinking why the hell hasn’t Aaron posted anything, then I am sorry but I have had to study for a test that I just had today on the ol’ Rusky language. I have to admit, it was pretty tough. I was not alone in the utterly beaten category. Power in numbers I suppose makes you feel better—that’s kind of sad. As bad as I butchered the grammar and sounded like a thickly-accented American-yits. I feel pretty good about it. It is quite the challenge to surmount, and it is impressive that we have come as far as we have with the language.

We are half way through the PST training, pretty crazy that I have already been away an entire month. I guess that calls for some sort of reflection or something:

Moldova is an amazing place. It may not have the Louvre or Taj Mahal, but what it seemingly lacks it makes up for in sheer character. I’m pretty positive that 1% of you (including myself) actually knew where Moldova was prior to my excursion. A few quick reads of topical Moldovan history found on the internet and I was in Moldova. The metaphor scratching the surface is an obvious understatement. According to Peace Corps guidelines I can’t talk about specifics on this blog, damn those affiliations. What I can say is that the gamut of emotions that we as Americans, as Washingtonians or what have you feel on a daily basis is both equal yet totally different here. Happiness, life, sadness, etc are all the clearly here albeit viewed from a different perspective altogether. Much like Americans, societal, political, family, monetary pressures all play a part in forming the base of a person, like the great tectonic plates something unique is formed regardless of similar scenarios because no one situation is identical. Moldova itself has many unique characteristics that have formed over hundreds of years. From an American perspective some good, some bad and all interesting.

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