Tuesday, July 7, 2009


July 6, 2009 Village-day

So I could post this today, although I think it would be best to let the anticipation get the best of all of you. Just to give you a sense of what I am going through. Although the joke is on me I’m sure. Most of you probably check this thing once a month--if ever--so the rising tension that has been strategically placed into my PC story is undermined by your lack of punctual blog checking.

And the big news… or should I say small village news.

So moments ago we were all gathered around a very large chalk-outlined map of Moldova outside of the local school. Chairs were placed all over the map with city/town/village names placed on each one of them. One by one our names were called and we took a seat where we had been assigned. We all had done our research, at least so far as to what the big cities were, so you could see the nervous anticipation on people’s faces build as the larger cities chairs were taken. I ended up in what in America would be considered a pretty small town of 8,000, although relative to other volunteers I believe I ended up somewhere in the middle of the ol’ population spectrum.

The first thing I read about my new house was that I would be living with a 70-year old widow who is the proud owner of cows, ducks, dogs, cats, hens, and rabbits. I’m going to be right at home. The second line I read looked exactly like this:

Plumping/Pipes look safe? _Yes _No Not applicable

This obviously caught my eye. After reading on I realized I may still have some sort of bathing usage, because a line further down the page says that I have running water for baths. So no pipes, but running water? These people are thinking outside of the box. Maybe that means I have to run to the well, heat up some water and use it to bath. I’ll post more when it comes on that issue. Until then my fingers are crossed for a decent shower this winter.

The description of my future job came in a mix of Romanian and Russian, which means I couldn’t read it except for a select few Russian words. I took the time to figure out what the direct translation of the section that described what the NGO thought my job could possibly look like. The direct translation read as follows:

1. Application biological greenhouse power

2. Help with technology mushrooms.

Well that is what you get for now. Be sure to tell your showers that you love them. Treat them well you may not have one someday and you’ll regret not saying it. J

SHTY (Stinky as Hell for Two Years)


  1. We enjoy your blog very much. We check it everyday to see if you have posted anything. We will be thinking positive thoughts of warm & frequent showers for you. Love, Mom & Dad

  2. We've been checking your blog regularly too but probably not quite as often as your mom and dad. I can identify EVER so slightly with your concerns of nice warm running water in PIPES. When I visited Peru with Lou in 1979, buckets of water heated on the stove was the norm . . . even needed buckets of water to flush the toilet. At least I was only there for 3 weeks. As with your mom and dad, we will also be thinking positive thoughts of warm and frequest showers for you..... keep up the VERY enjoyable blog. And pictures too..... Love, Aunt Alice and Uncle Lou

  3. Hi! Olympia just had a week of 70+ and 80+ degree days. Pretty nice.

    I keep being inspired by your courage to embark on your grand adventure! I received this email from "The Universe" - it reminded me of you...

    "Let's see... It's impossible to fail. Everything works out in your favor. The elements conspire on your behalf. There are always reasons to be happy. Millions of lives are touched by yours. Thousands of people think of you fondly. Hundreds call you their friend. You can have anything you dream of. Things just keep getting better. And you live forever.

    Wildly unbelievable for a Hollywood script, but Aaron, this is your life.
    Stranger than fiction,
    The Universe"

    My email address is soulvoices@reachone.com
    If you send me your snail mail address it's possible you could get a care package.

    On another note: I thank my shower and the warm water every day! I am blessed in more ways than I can count.

    Tomorrow night I go to the mansion for dinner. I give thanks for my bounty.

    Linda V Bremer (David's mom)

  4. I was just yelling at my shower this morning. I will have to apologize when I get home. Good luck with the next phase of your adventure. I think you are underestimating how often people are checking your blog! ...forget the shower, just make sure you brush your teeth!

  5. Hey darling! Sounds like you've been quite busy! Glad that you're posting a bunch, I have to say, I've laughed really hard at some of your comments!
    The pics are great! Not sure what to say about your new assignment...just hope you get to have a good partner volunteer...try to bathe...enjoy the 70 year old widow...I'm sure you'll figure out a way to have fun and help out your little town!
    Miss you!

  6. My question is: Does your new roommate make cookies like your old one did??? Time will tell...